He-man Lam 擁有逾二十年從事美術制作、設計和攝影的經驗,亦是香港專業攝影師聯網(HKPPN)的會員,目前主要進行人像拍攝工作,如人像廣告、童裝廣告、婚紗攝影、家庭攝影和動感運動攝影等。He-man 曾先後接受多個攝影網站包括 DCFever、Photoblog 及相機世界和 Sport SoHo 等雜誌專訪,分享對攝影的看法與心得。


A member of the Hong Kong Professional Photographers Network (HKPPN), He-man Lam has over 20 years of experience in the fields of art, design and photography. He specializes in various types of portrait photography including advertisement shooting for celebrities and kids’clothing, wedding, family portraits, dynamic sports and more. He-man has been interviewed by numerous photography websites and magazines, including DC Fever, Photoblog, Photo & Camera Review and Sport SoHo, to share his view on photography and tips.


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